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Emerging Forth Into The Light

by Professor Electric

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doctori thumbnail
doctori God Damn bluesy with a pinch of Left Lane Cruiser.
CoughCool thumbnail
CoughCool It's the goddamned blues, Jack! Sit down and let the prof learn you a thing or two Favorite track: I Don't Give Two.
Sinister Exaggerator
Sinister Exaggerator thumbnail
Sinister Exaggerator This here’s some filthy rock and roll with a funky, bluesy groove… Preaching the truth at a furious pace... Hell yeah… Favorite track: I Don't Give Two.
Justinuff thumbnail
Justinuff Sin City’s own scientist of sound has concocted another beast out of his lab. That filthy blues sound sent thru a bio refractor atomizing the fuzz and dropping some stellar lyrics from the vocal beaker has my ears transmogrifying into outrageous elements!!
TXMetalDude thumbnail
TXMetalDude Sleazy, gritty rock n' roll outta sin city! The professor delivers again! Favorite track: Summon The Congregation.
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8-9-3 02:55
I think I done fucked up Never saw it coming My penance, My retribution Just a little bit of finger Without honor you can't exist Without loyalty you're just a bucket of piss I've been dipped in ink With a million bamboo needles Take the streets Take control of the dark Black rain In the land of the rising sun Yakuza
Foaled behind a marker Under a blood wolf moon Umbilical cobras Cut the cords and swoon Ring the bell And bring the hounds of hell Summon the Congregation Swaddling caul Soaked in menace The child the spawn Beyond horrendous Born to rule An unholy birth Baptized in a stagnant pool Not of this Earth
Just mindin my beeswax When I heard this sound from the underground 2 gophers, a rat, and a mole Full-Tilt rippin it down They was drinking booze from tiny cups Tokin gettin fucked up A tooth and claw moshpit erupts The shitfaced rodents bumpin rumps They're foamin at the mouth The rabid vermin from down south There's a groundhog gangbang goin on Somewhere in the champagne room Ricky the rat keeps singing Somethin bout the doom and the gloom And then the weather changed Looks like rain Mudslide in the tunnels of the burrow Better run for your disease ridden lives The sludge it flows guess that's the end of the show The cries of the vermin's demise
Friday night happy hour 3 sheets to wind Drinkin fussin and fighting I ain't got no friends Been stabbed three times Twice with a broken bottle Even my mama used to say Boy you was born awful County Mountie, FBI, and the CIA The undercover fuzz They all know my name I'm one bad mutha Don't give two fucks About any other If you get that crosseyed look You got a whole mess of trouble Keep runnin your mouth Gonna be a rumble
Nothin seems to be real since I took that pill Maybe the mind overloaded Took a trip and fell into the atmosphere I hear a rainbow exploding Do you ever think we're coming down Will it ever be the same again Think I may have seen the other side Must be trippin fuckin balls again Bounced a ball off a wall And now that wall is slowly melting Laughed and cried Now my face is hurtin It's a micro thing this little microdot Mammoth mystical vision Beyond the realm of space and time sublime Never leave your kitchen
Struttin in like her shit don't stink Dress so short I'm staring at her cheeks Love phasers set to stun Deep down you know she ain't the one 10 kids from 12 different dudes Do the math Don't wanna be mean, don't mean to be rude She's straight trash So hot sexy freak of the week Sad sad eyes like she cries herself to sleep She likes the way that I dance Better keep my dick in my pants Got so drunk I took her home The weakness of the Y chromosome Now she's cooking eggs and bacon Dancing round to Graham Central Station
Never learned to read or write Never gave a damn Made my mark on the dotted line The ink that bleeds leads to ruin First he's gonna have to cut me down There's a whole lot of bodies buried on the back forty On the top of the hill where they used to hold the rituals It smells like brimstone It smells like brimstone First he's gonna have to cut me down When the heavens fell they were quickly devoured When hell rose up they felt right at home All the crops turned sour It smells like brimstone Throw a rope over the bull beam in the barn Step up on the milking stool If the taxman's gonna take my farm First he's gonna have to cut me down
Need To Know 02:52
I never told you what I did or how I did it It's not a lie if you never even knew it went down You're overanalyzing Antagonizing Your clearance levels are just for show Cause you ain't on a need to know In this life we're all in it to win it Sometimes love gets left behind
A Short Con 02:52
Greed Something for nothing Too good to be true Easy money Why dontcha? Three card Find the lady The Queen of hearts Confidence Sleight of hand A twist of fate Misdirection A grifter The film-flam man He's gonna getcha Your the mark And I'm the shill Devil's got the cards
Prepare a path all you gods Drive away the darkness For I am the beloved son My heart on the scales across from a feather I plead innocence To all 42 crimes To all the keepers of the 7 gates I know you I'll speak your name Don't stand as a witness against me Do not live by my magic Oh my heart of my mother Emerging forth into the light The sky encloses the stars Be gone from me Oh crooked lips
I knew a giant from around the way He must've played in the NBA He stole my girl Took her to the top of the world Now I'm jackin the beanstalk Cruisin for an oozin Jackin the beanstalk baby Fe Fi Fo Fum I gotta get me some Traded a cow for some magic weed Gonna smoke it and spill my seed There's a goose that lays the golden egg But I don't swing that way Self-gratification It's a sticky situation


released July 2, 2021


all rights reserved



Professor Electric Las Vegas, Nevada

Hideous one-man band preaching hellfire and brimstone across the desert sand....

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