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Liquid Courage

by Professor Electric

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Randy D Baker
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Randy D Baker Why did it take me so long to discover Professor Electric?Fuzzy,psychedelic rock / heavy metal or what ever you call it, none of that matters.The rhythms, the groove, the brilliance that is Professor Electric. This album has been on repeat non stop since I got it, now enough of me blabbering! Buy this now!! Favorite track: Off Her Rocker.
tOm G
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tOm G I haven't enjoyed something like this since the Doo Rag/ Bob Log days!!!
MetalManiac333 thumbnail
MetalManiac333 Definitely amongst the best fuzzy blues metal out there, period! Professor Electric never disappoints, release after release, he masters his craft even more each time and it shows in this most recent album! 10/10 from me on this one! Was tough to pick a favorite, they are all my faves! If you haven't heard Professor Electric yet, you definitely need to take a listen to this one! 🤘 Favorite track: Charon's Obol.
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Deluge 05:10
Torrential rain just won't stop On top the summit Appalacian Civilization submerged Salty stories of the Kraken Witness the flames on yonder rooftop Rituals to appease Hear the chanting from the faithful From the depths, the beast Breach the walls between the worlds Traverse the flooded Earth Nightcrawlers writhing Leviathan rising Took your love so you took mine My only reason not to sleep He waits at the heart of the labyrinth Until the fire shall heat the deep
Coulda Been 03:13
I coulda been the King but the crown won't fit I coulda been the President but I don't give a shit I coulda been a Ninja but I move too fast I coulda been the Champ but I kick too much ass I coulda been an astronaut but I don't dig the heights I coulda been Electric guess that'd be alright
Why confess to you I try to save my breath I'm gonna break on the wheel I curse your name Cry for the coup de grace I never meant to kill that man Or his only son Blinded by lust Blinded by a woman
A coin for final passage Across the River Styx Charon The Ferryman Take me to the other side Woe to you oh wicked souls You there stand aside from the dead Through me to everlasting pain Charon The Ferryman A one way ride Woe to you oh wicked souls Sordid God down from his hairy chin His eyes hollow furnaces on fire Charon The Ferryman Abandon all hope Woe to you oh wicked souls
Set adrift upon the high seas High and dry There's no wind to set us free No hope in sight Try to stem the tide There's a corpse up top the crow's nest Leviathans circle the ship The Captain's bones picked clean and laid to rest No more mutiny for the Skip The custom of the sea Drawin lots The custom of the sea Whatchu got Down to final rations Half the crew's already done There's no message in the bottle Just one swig of rum
On The Rocks 04:45
It comes natural it's done with ease But things can quickly go south Downtown gutter sleaze Can't the get the taste out my mouth Black leather butterfly tattoo It's about that time Dust devil dancing cross the dune An evil ominous sign She's a stone cold desert fox A scandalous paradox Rattlesnake venom On the rocks Pearl-handled straight razor It'll cut you deep Unsavory behavior A full moon midnight creep
Salt in the air Lights in the sky Rapid Descent Unidentified When daylight comes What could it be That sank like a stone No sign of life Just ethereal foam Back from whence you came Back to your domain Fathoms below Beneath the abyss Stranger in a strange land Gravitational kiss
The Fear 04:21
Footsteps echo cobble stone Realize I'm all alone Paranoia comes creepin Could I be just dreamin Don't look back Whispers from the alleyway Sounding like my own name Imagination or just a sign I ain't no hero no divine
Fuck you Idaho And your fuckin potato Cracker cop profilin Shoulda let this poor hippy go Fuck you Idaho There ain't shit on your radio Bust a man for smokin weed What a fuckin shitshow Fuck you Idaho And your fuckin potato Draconian laws Guess I'm your great white buffalo
She just wants a drink of water Not askin for the slaughter She's gone She says she's the devil's daughter Too much lysergic blotter She's gone She's off her rocker They're gonna shock her She's too far gone Cuckoo is how they caught her Down at the alma mater She's gone Politely please ignore her Dismiss the psych ward horror She's gone
Deep inside Lonely Mountain Glimmer in the darkness Third Age Fire Drake A greedy wicked worm War of wrath a wolf among sheep Diamond waistcoat armor Laid low the warriors of old Shock of his tail a thunderbolt Oh no I don't think so Barrel Rider Barrel Rider Doin the dirty work while they cower outside I am fire I am death Stand by the grey stone When the thrush knocks the setting sun Last light of Durin's Day Will shine upon the keyhole


Las Vegas one-man band plays raw, grunge/metal blues rock with a primitive garage energy, growling abrasive vocals, rumbling chords and some twisted psych/blues guitar notes. The guitars pack a dirty sting and the vocals sound like a mix of Dr. John, Tom Waits and the mean, tattooed drunk on the next barstool.
RIYL: Bob Log III, The Groundhogs, The Re-Stoned, Blue Cheer, Motorhead, Sir Lord Baltimore, The John Spencer Blues Explosion.
-The Quaker Goes Deaf


released July 3, 2020


all rights reserved



Professor Electric Las Vegas, Nevada

Hideous one-man band preaching hellfire and brimstone across the desert sand....

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